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TAKING ACTION IN THE OUTBACK: Award-Winning Director Johnny Balazs On NIGHT SHIFT, Filmmaking, Fandom And Fortitude

The last few years have proven helpful in discovering talent out in Australia, and not without some serious internal effort for that matter on the part of its select residents. Characteristically, Australia is just one example out of many in the world in which a demographic of inspired, up-and-coming creatives work and do their best to thrive in their field of choice, which is film. In parallel, however, the land down under also has its share of setbacks - specifically pertaining to the business stimulus of producing local action films. Melbourne-based filmmaker Johnny Balazs is just one out of the pressing handful of talents working and shaping himself around a lens to change this.
"The term independent action cinema doesn't exist in Australia." says Balazs. "I would often ask people name one action film that's Australian that you remember and can recall in the last 5 years. Most say Fury Road, but that's not Australian money, that's not Australian deal…

THE HIT LIST: April 23, 2018

There is a LOT to sift through this week with the Hit List. I almost thought I wouldn't be able to make it because of all the content and information I managed to come across but I think I accomplished a little something-something!

As always, it's another round of energizing stunt, training and performance reels by some of today's amazing creatives and up-and-coming professionals. John Soares was a terrific find for me in the last few years with the long-awaited release of feature steampunk sci-fi, The Danger Element. He starts off the week followed by cosplayer and actress Erin Haus who has certainly earned a rightful place in the Hit List a few times in recent history, and you're more than welcome to look her up online as Hausplay when you get to it.
Rounding out the playlist are Timothy Parsons, Ruben Maldonado (more on him later), and Romanian stunt sibs Daniel and Adrian Bondor, with Aline Mayne,Walter Dodson, John Gilbert, Kate Angus, Marques Archie, Timothy Euli…

211: Ride Along With Nicholas Cage In A Hail Of Gunfire In The Official Trailer

York Alec Shackleton's attentiveness to real world events is now subject to audience fan fervor with Nicholas Cage thriller, 211 - such is what is hinted at in the synopsis included in Monday's info. Momentum Pictures is releasing it on June 8 in select theaters and on VoD and Digital HD, and now we get a trailer that invites the usual action movie crowd for something to whet the appetite until they get to see Panos Cosmatos's Mandy. Inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in police history. Officer Mike Chandler (Nicolas Cage) and a young civilian passenger find themselves under-prepared and outgunned when fate puts them squarely in the crosshairs of a daring bank heist in progress by a fearless team of highly trained and heavily armed men. Also starring are Cory Hardrict, Michael Rainey Jr., Ori Pfeffer, Weston Cage, Sophie Skelton, and Alexandra Dinu. Check out the trailer!

FAST & FURIOUS Saga Swerves To Netflix

I'm inclined to wonder if Netflix's plans for an animated serial spin-off to Universal Pictures's hit Fast & Furious franchise will have the same trippy video game-esque visage as the opening and closing credits for the films. Apart from that, a press announcement on Monday is also revealing a photo that could lend a closer idea in that department which you can see above; I actually thought a live-action drama might have been the way to go for all of Vin Diesel's moves to TV in recent memory, but I guess not.
Alas, the streaming service is teaming up with DreamWorks Animation Television in this, the first series in an expansion of their ongoing multi-year deal for original animated kids and family programming. The update comes following Comcast-NBCUniversal's acquisition of the animation studio in 2016 with the former maintaining a First Look with the option to expand on Universal film properties such as the one launched in 2001 before becoming the global phen…

Steven Seagal Thriller, ATTRITION, Gets A Full Trailer

It's no easy feat to accomodate actor Steven Seagal given recent headlines pertaining to his career of yestertear and certain allegations that have gone public earlier this year. Nonetheless, Cannes attendees looking toward next month can expect Saradan Media to make a presence with their roster of projects with at least two bearing Seagal's name.
For this, we have Covert Operation director Mathieu Weschler on the way back to the masses with upcoming action thriller, Attrition. Seagal, who has been shepherding the film for several years and serves as producer, stars in the film as a stoic former soldier, reawakened with a peaceful life in Asia where he'll reunite with his former team of badasses when a desperate father alerts him of his gifted daughter's kidnapping at the hands of an ailing, seedy and ruthless crime boss.
Seagal is in ample company as well, joined by nothing short of a top notch horde of action cinema headliners to bookend the cast including Louis Fan…

The Rock Pays Tribute To The Classics With A New Motion Poster For SKYSCRAPER

Something tells me that a new trailer is on the horizon for Dwayne Johnson's new action thriller, Skyscraper. I'm not certain, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled and until then, we now have a new poster online courtesy of our star who was more than willing to share his own declaration along with it via social media.

Rawson Marshall Thurber helms for its July 13 release from Universal Pictures. Check out the animated art below!

New SKYSCRAPER poster.
Nice to feel everyone’s excitement building for this one. Inspired by films The Fugitive, Die Hard & Towering Inferno. I can’t guarantee I’ll save my wife and kid’s lives, but I can guarantee I’ll do everything I can for the rest of mine.
This JULY.
— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) April 22, 2018

BHAVESH JOSHI: SUPERHERO: Don't Miss The Supercharged Teaser Trailer For The Hindi Vigilante Thriller

Vikramaditya Motwane's producer's hat is pretty sizable in his 10 years+ career. He's also directed three films and now his fourth and latest feature welcomes another addition to the masked vigilante genre in Bhavesh Joshi: Superhero.
Eros is opening the new Hindi language thriller on May 25 with actor Harshvardhan Kapoor in the title role. The film's arrival reportedly follows a four year period that saw a revolving door of actors as the project was shelved repeatedly prior to a production that eventually wrapped last summer.
There isn't much to go by in terms of the plot, although there's quite a bit to draw from what we get to see in terms of our protagonist, his fighting style, stunt work and the villanous presence our hero will eventually clash with. Check it out below and share your thoughts.

The Official Trailer For Crime Thriller JET TRASH Is All The Rave

Charles Henri Belleville's latest crime drama, Jet Trash, has come a long way since first hitting festival screens at Edinburgh in 2016 (hence the trippy, snazzy poster art above). Jump over to this Spring and with Indican Pictures taking the mantle for North America, a limited theatrical date has been set for April 27 for movie goers to make note of.
Two friends cross a London gangster forcing them to flee England. Lee and Sol are hiding out on a beach in Southern India living a slacker life of sex, drugs and parties. Trouble comes to paradise when Vix, a beautiful girl from Lee's past, turns up. Things get worse when the gang find themselves up against crooked cops, local hoodlums, gangsters.... and their past. How far do you have to go to get away? An official trailer has already begun making the rounds for the film which stems from Simon Lewis' 1999 novel, "Go". Robert Sheehan, Osy Ikhile and upcoming  Hotel Artemis actress Sofia Boutella star.

THE 12TH MAN: Don't Miss The Official Trailer For Harald Zwart's New War Epic

IFC Midnight is proudly presenting WWII drama, The 12th Man on limited theatrical and VOD starting May 4. Harald Zwart (The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, The Karate Kid) sits at the helm for the epic new survival tale that casts Thomas Gullestad and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, with Mads Sjogard Pettersen and Maria Grazia Di Meo from a script by Petter Skavlan.
This breathtaking action adventure tells an incredible true-life story of heroism and a man’s unbreakable will to live. Norway, 1943: after a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission leaves his eleven comrades dead, Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud (Thomas Gullestad) finds himself on the run from the Gestapo through the snowbound Arctic reaches of Scandinavia. It’s a harrowing journey across unforgiving, frozen wilderness that will stretch on for months—and force Jan to take extreme action in order to survive. With gut-punching realism and vivid psychological immediacy, director Harold Zwart pays tribute to one man’s extraordin…

Parisian Zombie Thriller THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD Opens In North America This Summer

If foreign zombie thrillers are more your speed, expect your summer get a little better with the forthcoming arrival of Dominique Rocher's The Night Eats The World. Blue Fox Entertainment has reportedly nabbed U.S. rights to the French/Norwegian pic as it segues to an English-subbed North American premiere in Tribeca this weekend with Blue Fox rolling out its genuine English-language version later this year.
Tribeca programmer Matt Barone sets the tone:
One night, Sam attends a raucous apartment party in Paris. But, pressured to show up against his will and not feeling festive, the dejected Sam heads to a private room and falls asleep. The next morning, everything has changed: The walls are stained with blood, there isn’t a living soul in sight, and the dead have taken over the streets. Barricading himself inside, he hunkers down for safety, anticipating a long haul. As the undead congregate outside, Sam passes the lonely months by entertaining himself however possible. But there’s…

Michelle Yeoh And Selina Lo To Star In BOSS LEVEL

I've seen my fair share of time loop thrillers. Joe Carnahan, the man with the plan for the upcoming reinstallment of The Raid has his own vested in Boss Level, and once more returning actor Frank Grillo to the big screen courtesy of Entertainment Studios following their acquisition from Emmett/Furla/Oasis a few days ago.
Grillo is already joined by Naomi Watts, Ken Jeong, and Mel Gibson for the new movie still in production, and as it stands, word brings that martial artists, actresses Selina Lo and the incomparable Michelle Yeoh are now attached to the film. Production is already underway in Atlanta, Georgia with a 2019 release in tow, as reported via Patrick Frater's exclusive at Variety on Friday.
Groundhog Day with an action genre twist – BOSS LEVEL follows the story of ROY PULIVER who is trapped in a time loop. Every day he wakes up and the assassins that are pursuing him find some new awful way to dispose of him – the only change in his day is which of them manages to k…